Log Out and Hang Out with Funky Monkey Bars

Summer holidays are here. Log Out and Hang Out. It’s good for our physical health and mood. It helps to nurture relationships with family and friends and it’s a good chance to get active and try new activities together.

This is the season to make a connection of a different kind.

With all the pressures of 2020 brought on by the pandemic and a heavy reliance on technology to connect us for work, school, socialising and play; now is the time to Log Out & Hang Out.


1. Switch off notifications

A buzzing, pinging and vibrating phone is distracting in a family with multiple devices and it makes it hard to focus on anything else. Ask everyone to turn off the notifications on their phones like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook and email and check back only when you’ve finished other activities.

2. Create device-free zones

The backyard is the perfect spot to designate a device-free zone. Too much time on the screen distracts us all from the important interactions, like hanging out together at play in the garden.

Another great device-free zone is the dining table, and it’s also the perfect place for family interaction and conversations that will spark more great ideas for summer-time activities.

3. Teach kids about the business of social media

Kids are not only savy at using technology, they’re also quick to understand the motivators behind social media. Sit down as a family and chat about the tactics being used by social media and other apps to get us hooked and creating habits that are difficult to break.

Discuss how you can help each other to break the cycle and you’ll probably find the kids also have some great ideas they’ve been picked up along the way.

4. Invest in an ‘old-school’ alarm clock.

It goes without saying that devices are not good in the bedroom, it impacts on the quality of sleep and on relationships. Remove chargers from all the bedroom - they only create a temptation - and replace the phone being used as an alarm clock with ‘old-school’ technology and invest in a bedside alarm clock.

5. Measure active time v. screen time and make the switch

Add up the time in the day spent watching TV, using computers and devices and compare that to the time spent being active each day. The results may be alarming. Set a target to close the gap to help make the switch from sedentary to active behaviours. The health and lifestyle benefits will be plentiful.

Enjoy your screen-free time and Summer holidays.

The Funky Crew