Keep warm, keep active.

Keep warm, keep active.

"During these winter months, the cool weather and short days make it much easier to stay indoors, but a lack of outdoor play for kids can take a toll on their physical and mental health." - 'Warm Up this Winter' blog, Funky Monkey Bars.
At Funky Monkey Bars, we have always preached the importance of staying active and getting outdoors. Quality time in nature, away from 'the screen', is beneficial for reducing stress and fatigue while improving focus, creativity and overall attitude.


During these school holidays, now is the perfect time to get the family outside. If you can't get away, check out our Top 10 Funky Tips for getting the kids outdoors during these chilly days:

  • Go for a hike or a long walk with the family - jump in muddy puddles and collect rocks to decorate later.
  • Make a fairy garden - practice your green thumb by collecting twigs, sticks, leaves or rocks and build a special home for when the fairies visit. 
  • Race your friends and family - start at opposite ends of the monkey bars or your backyard and see who can get to the other side first.
  • Create your own hopscotch game - use chalk, tape or twigs to outline a hopscotch court. Get creative with designs and challenges!
  • Make a jump rope routine - find a long rope and have two people hold each end, put on your favourite music and get creative.
  • Go for a family bike ride.
  • Set up an obstacle course - use your Funky Monkey Bars as a 'the floor is lava' obstacle course or use items around the house to manoeuvre around.
  • Learn a new skill - perfect your cartwheel or handstand, or beat your personal best in keepy ups. The options are endless!
  • Try our Funky Challenges - Check out Australian Ninja, Olivia Vivian, and her Funky Challenges on our Instagram Highlights. How many can you do? 
  • Zumba in the garden - set up a virtual class on YouTube and get your friends and family to join in on a Zumba lesson. Super fun, great exercise and lots of smiles.


Our Winter Photo Competition is still underway...

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Stay warm and stay safe. 🐒