Imagination the key to small backyards

From the thousands of entries in our Cheeky Little Monkey PLUS competition the best ideas came from the kids, like the winning entry from Sara whose son Isaiah provided great tips for a backyard filled with imagination.

"Monkey bars, rainbow ones, with magic and water-guns and a 16-metre waterslide in the sky. Invite all my friends. And cool costumes!"

Now that sounds like fun and for kids everywhere, just like 6-year-old Isaiah, the size of your space is irrelevant if you dream big.

Here are some other great tips we received for making the most of the outdoors in a small backyard.

🌈Top Tips for Small Backyards🌻

  • A small backyard needs big personalities, big laughs and big imagination. With these we can turn a small playground into big fun. 
  • Fill it with kids from the neighbourhood. Wherever kids go, fun follows.
  • Small spaces like large pots with rocks, an outside dolls house and a chalkboard. Use shower curtains and fence screens to make different areas.
  • Anything messy, hidden and challenging. Creating curiosity for kids is absolute fun.
  •  With imagination the backyard can be anything; from a vast ocean to explore or a lava pit you need to avoid or simply a small oasis.
  • Layers; make use of retaining walls and fences for equipment. Variation; move it around when you can.  Get the kids involved in planning the space.
  • Try a theme; pirates, princesses or dinosaurs and create a space for adventure, imagination and togetherness.
  • Turn everything into an obstacle course like old tyres, fence, hoses etc. 
  • Get into the Olympic spirit with equipment you can pull out and pack away; hurdles, soccer goals, agility ladder.
  • Think vertical; what can you climb, paint, draw on? Create a sound wall, grow flowers and an edible garden.
  • Make your own jungle, be a monkey with Funky Monkey Bars to climb, swing and hang out with your jungle friends and animals.

WINNER:  Sara's son Isaiah (6) is excited about his win of The Cheeky Little Monkey PLUS by Funky Monkey Bars .