Half the price to deliver to lower & south west country kids

We’ve struck a great deal for country kids in southern regions of Western Australia with rural freight company GJ Freight now offering delivery rates at half the price of what we could previously offer to get our monkey bars to your backyard.

You can order from our online store www.funkymonkeybars.com and GJ Freight will freight it for half the price of what you may have previously been quoted.

Funky Monkey Bars Director, Shane Roberts said, “GJ Freight has solved an accessibility issue for our rural Western Australian customers for whom freight prices have been prohibitive until now.

“This fantastic partnership between Funky Monkey Bars and GJ Freight is making our locally made outdoor play equipment more affordable for country families.

“We are excited to be working with a local service provider who knows the southern regions of Western Australia so well and that is reassuring to us and to our customers.

 “They know the challenge of logistics in a remote State as they’ve driven the roads and know the local people,” Shane said.

“GJ Freight has displayed a ‘can do’ attitude typical of regional Australia and a trait we foster at Funky Monkey Bars.”