If you’re unwrapping Funky Monkey Bars this Christmas keep your eyes peeled for the ‘golden rungs’ the Funky team has secretly planted and contact us to WIN a full refund on your Funky Monkey Bars frame.

At Funky Monkey Bars we have much to be grateful for and this festive season we hope to spread the joy of Christmas in more ways this year as part of our GOLDEN RUNG GIVEAWAY campaign.

  • For our customers who choose to shop local so that we can continue to manufacture here in Australia, we have planted two ‘golden rungs’ for two lucky customers to receive a full refund on their Funky Monkey Bars frame being delivered this Christmas.
  • For families who have a child with a disability, who we have discovered receive therapeutic benefit and fun from our monkey bars, we have gifted The Gorilla frame to Source Kids to giveaway to a deserving family.
  • For our disability employment partner, the Autism Association of WA, whose hard-working hands have helped to pack monkey bars ready for Christmas, we have gifted a Funky Monkey Bars frame to raise funds to support an Early Intervention Program to help more kids.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Funky Monkey Bars.

The Funky Monkey team


McKenna was one of the lucky customers to WIN the Golden Rung Giveaway in 2018.

Funky Monkey Bars Pop-Up was super popular at the Source Kids Disability Expos in 2019.

Shane & Colin (& Marley) join in the packing production line with the team from Autism Assoc of WA.


Funky Monkey Bars will randomly place two single golden rungs in two boxes of monkey bar rungs destined to two separate customers from orders placed in the lead up to Christmas.

The two lucky customers, or prize winners, who receive a golden rung in their box must alert Funky Monkey Bars when they discover their golden rung with photos and video of their discovery by emailing to claim the prize.

The prize winners must also provide their unique customer order number and receipt for their Funky Monkey Bar purchase to claim their prize.  

Funky Monkey Bars will use this information to generate two prizes.

The golden rungs may have been placed in the rung boxes delivered or picked up anytime between mid-October to Christmas 2019.

The two prizes on offer are the full refund of the purchase price of the Funky Monkey Bar frame (excluding delivery) per customer who receives a golden rung.

Funky Monkey Bars will announce the winners of the Golden Rungs Giveaway with the photos and video provided by the prize winners, on the Funky Monkey Bars website and social media channels in January 2019.

The prize winners will get to keep their Golden Rung and they can choose to install it in their Funky Monkey Bar or hold onto it as a keepsake of their good luck. 😉