Gifting Golden Gorillas

Funky Monkey Bars annual GOLDEN RUNG GIVEAWAY campaign has brought joy around Australia including a very happy Dunbar family in Northmead, New South Wales who unwrapped a GOLDEN RUNG on Christmas eve.

The Dunbars received a full refund on the The Gorilla plus Pull-Up Bar by Funky Monkey Bars making it one very, merry Christmas!

Theย Source Kids Disability donation of The Gorilla frame valued at $2,310 is on its way to a family in Bangor, New South Wales.

The Autism Association of WA is going to install the The Gorilla PLUS in a childcare centre they run in Perth specifically for young children with an autism diagnosis.

And stay tuned as there is one Golden Rung yet to be claimed!!!ย ย 

If you return from holidays to discover a Golden Rung in your Funky Monkey Bars delivery contact us for a full refund on your Funky Monkey Bars frame.

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