Beautiful Backyards: Heritage style in Western Australia

The Mandrill in a beautiful heritage home and garden

This beautiful 1887 limestone, heritage home in Western Australia, has an abundance of flowers and manicured lawns lovingly nurtured by garden lover, GP and Mum, Sally. A corner of the multi-level garden is dedicated to fun for the kids and features the magnificent Mandrill by Funky Monkey Bars for the family’s three children and their friends.

Heritage home and garden owner Sally is restoring the 1887 estate.

Sally said her children were in the garden every afternoon after school since Funky Monkey Bars arrived for Christmas in 2021. Her 8-year-old daughter naturally swings across the frame and the 3-year-old attempts to join in where he can, while always encouraging his Mum to get involved.

Share in the love for English and cottage garden

According to Sally, her 6-year-old son has gained the most from Funky Monkey Bars in the yard, growing in strength and confidence every day as he has learned to take on the challenge of the 8m long, free-standing backyard climbing frame.

Sally and partner, local veterinarian Garnett, have been restoring the estate since they purchased the property in 2017. Sally said it was like camping at home when they first moved in, before they were able to restore the century-old-kitchen.

The Mandrill by Funky Monkey Bars features in a dedicated area for fun!

The garden is Sally’s passion and showcases multiple levels of English and cottage style flowers with a colourful array of chrysanthemums, zinnias, dahlias and roses amongst other seasonal varieties. The colour pops against large bunches of striking agapanthus and hardy succulents and traditional rows of lilly-pilly hedges and limestone walls. An organic vegetable patch gives the family a plentiful supply of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Olive & Prune, the family’s sphynx cats proudly roam the garden.

Not to be forgotten in this family are the sphynx cats, Prune and Olive, who roam the gardens with great pride and grace, aware perhaps that they’re lucky to call this majestic manor their home.

To see more of this garden and magnificent home follow Sally’s journey on Instagram @gardenheritagestyle