Add On More Fun to Your Funky Monkey Bars

One of Funky Monkey Bars’ best features is the ability to add on to any of the Funky frames. We have designed and created additional extensions that allow you to add more play and fitness spaces to your frame, which will help maximise and grow your frame with your family.


The Accessories Bar attaches between the two corners of opposing Swing Frames, giving you an extra three metres of bar to add-on your choice of accessories, without taking up more space in your backyard. This addition is a great option for growing families with small spaces.

The Height Extenders are new to Funky Monkey Bars in 2019 and come in two installation options; The Height Extender (Top) and The Height Extender (Side). The two options allow you to install onto almost every frame, with or without swing frames, and pair perfectly with the Aerial and Ninja accessories - such as the Aerial Silk or the Ninja Delta Rings.

This year we also welcomed The Combat Ladder for the not-so-little aspiring Ninjas, big kids and adults. This awesome add-on monkey bar ladder lets you climb up to three-metres in height at a 45-degree angle and is great for building upper-body strength as well as confidence.

At Funky Monkey Bars, it doesn’t matter where you start with the purchase of a frame, as our unique modular design will always allow you to grow your frame.

If you have chosen to start small, our Single and Double Swing Frames are the perfect add-on to create more spaces to hang equipment that suits the varying ages and interests of all the members of your family.

Our smallest frame, The Original, can grow to be our biggest frame, The Mandrill PLUS.

 Every year we introduce new accessories so that you can continue to adapt your frame to suit your family. Check out the complete range: