Kids in Adelaide

Nope, they’re not cheap……..and you know why…..because they’re made STRONG, made to LAST and made to GROW with your kids. We need to stop buying cheap crap that lasts a few months, and start investing in great quality toys that encourage our kids to get outside, take risks and be active!

Funky Monkey Bars® popped up in my Facebook news feed recently and having a 5 year old who thinks she’s half monkey…..I had to find out more.

Funky Monkey Bars® are an Australian company started by Perth Dad Shane Roberts, who made a set of monkey bars for his own kids back in 2009. Of course they were a massive hit, not only with his own kids, but also with their friends and local kids, and it was there that Funky Monkey Bars® was born.

We were SO lucky to be given “The Chimp” to set up at home and try out and it. is. AWESOME! It’s like having a playground in your own backyard!

I have to admit, when the boxes arrived from the courier I was a little concerned with how easily 10 flat pack boxes was going to turn into a 5m x 3m set up BUT I’m being totally honest when I say that it took my husband and I just over and hour from start to finish. What looked like quite a process was very well explained in the instructions and actually pretty straight forward. We even took off dance lesson for 30 minutes of that and Dad had it built and ready to go by the time we got home.

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