Celebrity renovators GIVEAWAY OFFER on The Original Funky Monkey Bar

Celebrity home renovators Michael and Carlene Duffy, who made their mark on Channel 9’s The Block and Reno Rumble, were so impressed with their new Funky Monkey Bar that they’ve teamed up with us for a fantastic giveaway of The Original Funky Monkey Bar on their website Cedar & Suede.

Carlene discovered Funky Monkey Bars when she went in search of something that facilitated and encouraged hanging for her daughter Stella’s 7th birthday who she said was in a constant state of “upsidedowness”.

Carlene said, “There was something about Funky Monkey Bars that I knew was a little bit genius. Its slimline design meant it was going to be unobtrusive in our front yard and wouldn’t interfere with our house facade but I was seriously attracted to its modular design.

“It also meant that we could start with one model and add to it down the track,” Carlene said.

“We went with The Orangutan with the flying fox and swing addition and needless to say, it was a hit! The look on her face when she saw it through the window was memorable. I could see her mind ticking over trying to work out what it was. 

“It’s the first thing the kids see when they arrive home from school and they’re like moths to a flame. I’m so sick of buying presents that my kids use for a day and then discard. 

“I expect that the Funky Monkey Bars will be one of those things that the kids will keep coming back to and never grow tired of and so far so good.” 

Read Carlene’s full blog post on their new Funky Monkey Bar and go in the draw to WIN The Original, drawn 1 July, 2018.

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