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  • For gymnastics enthusiasts everywhere

    The Tamarin is one of our newest releases and has quickly become one of our most popular frames. Kids who love monkey bars love more bars, at various heights, to climb, swing and twirl and you’ve got all that in The Tamarin.

    The Tamarin adds the strength building features of Dip Bars, or Parallel Bars to the kids, and the height adjustable Gymnastics Bar to our nine-rung, three metre monkey bars. It is extremely versatile as it has the same footprint as The Original (5m x 2m).

    There are plenty of options to continue to grow The Tamarin over time with our awesome add-ons. Add-on on two single swing frames and you create two more stations to hang more accessories; the Roman Rings and Jungle Rope are popular. With the addition of two single swing frames you can also add-on the Floating Flying Fox or Nest Swing package.

    Key features

    • Includes a 1.2m high x 1.2m wide Dip Bars or “Parallel Bars” as the kids call them. Great for gymnastics or strength training. Height adjustable step. Powder coated onyx with non-slip textured grip.
    • What kids can’t do on a monkey bar, they can do on the height-adjustable Gymnastics Bar. You can twirl your whole body over the Gym Bar! Adults and kids also use this bar for pull ups and to hang resistance equipment.
    • The Gymnastics Bar is 2.3m high and 1.145m wide. The gym bar section is 925mm wide on a 20mm thick bar.
    • The whole frame has a compact footprint of just 5 x 2m, just like The Original but with the addition of the fabulous gymnastic and strength building equipment.
    • A three-metre long monkey bar, with nine rungs for plenty of swing and room to “skip a bar”.
    • Choose one of our nine great colours for The Tamarin to suit your style and space.
    • Certified load rating of 900kgs.
    • Free-standing, stabilised by our unique design and use of ‘twirly whirly bars’, simply peg onto grass.
    • A modular frame with the ability to grow over time with the addition of more frames and more awesome add-ons.
  • 5m (L) x 2m (W)

  • Item # SKU Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
    1 A 2960 140 75 17
    2 B 2310 140 75 13.5
    3 B 2310 140 75 13.5
    4 C1 930 140 120 10
    5 C1 930 140 120 10
    6 D 880 290 75 14
    7 G 2310 71 65 10
    8 H1 1160 130 170 12
    9 Q3 200 200 200 12
    10 U1 310 310 220 17

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