The Silverback CrossFit Station


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  • Funky Monkey Bars has created a cross-fit station for the backyard and loaded it with boxing and strength training features for the whole family to workout at home.

    The Silverback is higher than other Funky Monkey Bar frames at three metres, allowing adults and older kids to use the bars for full body lifts and holds on the pull up bar and roman rings and to hang the large boxing bag and attach the floor-to-ceiling speed ball.

    The Silverback is a fully galvanised steel frame, powder-coated in silver and gun-metal non-slip finish. It doesn’t need to be cemented in thanks to our unique patent design and stabilising bars that secure the frame.

    The Silverback includes:

    • Height-adjustable pull-up bar
    • Slip free dip bars
    • 120 x 30cm large boxing bag
    • 25cm floor-to-ceiling speed ball
    • 28cm roman rings

    Please note: The Silverback is load-rated to 750kg and is tough enough for adults and big kids.

  • 2m (L) x 1.3m (W)

  • Item # Type Length (mm) width (mm) Height (mm) Weight
    1 2960 140 80 17.5
    2 2960 140 80 17.5
    3 1160 140 170 13.5
    4 1160 140
    5 850 330 240 12
    6 320 220 320 17.5