The Gorilla - Option Test

-Product Description

The Gorilla is the ultimate backyard playground for the whole family and their friends with The Original monkey bar at its core and two swing frames from which hang a cargo net, trapeze and two swings. The Gorilla monkey bar is height adjustable from 1.2 to 2.3 metres and all of the accessories in the Funky Monkey Bar range can continue to be added to this configuration for boundless outdoor fun.

PLEASE NOTE: The monkey bars and twirly-whirly bars are powder coated in the colour of your choice. The legs and swing frames of all our products are powder-coated silver, creating our unique industrial look.

+Product Dimensions

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+Shipping & Packing

The Gorilla Funky Monkey Bar will be shipped to you in ten pieces:

Part Type Weight Dimensions
A 33KG 127mm x 3100mm
B 28KG 127mm x 2400mm
C 11KG 127mm x 1000mm
C 11KG 127mm x 1000mm
H 22KG 127mm x 3100mm
H 22KG 127mm x 3100mm
J 3KG 55mm x 1000mm
O 5KG 830mm x 330mm x 160mm
O 5KG 830mm x 330mm x 160mm
T 10KG 310mm x 185mm x 185mm
U 20KG 310mm x 220mm x 220mm

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