Speed ball – floor-to-ceiling

  • Our 25cm diameter floor-to-ceiling speed ball provides a great reflex workout. Made from vinyl, our unique Funky Monkey Bar speed ball is designed to be used outdoors so you can hang it on a Funky Monkey frame in the backyard.

    Boxing is great backyard fun and fitness and the floor-to-ceiling speed ball will get all the family joining in as it can be used by all ages and abilities.

    The floor-to-ceiling speed ball comes complete with bands, hooks and a 900mm steel bar and tees to secure it at the base and fit tightly within a Funky Monkey Bar Swing Frame. It also includes a hand pump to inflate.

    Dimensions: 25cm diameter speed ball, 1.4 metre strapping and elastic rope, hooks, 900mm galvanised steel pipe to secure at the base.

    Material: vinyl speed ball, polyester straps, elastic rope, zinc plated hooks, galvanised steel bar & malleable steel tee connections.

  • Part Type Weight Dimensions

    110cm x 8cm x 8cm


    32cm x 22cm x 32cm