Funky Monkey Bars a Finalist in Australia by Design on Network 10

World-leaders in product design chose The Combat Ninja by Funky Monkey Bars as a Finalist in the Australia by Design Innovations television series currently screening on Network 10 in Australia.

“Funky Monkey Bars are as near as perfect as perfect can get,” International Guest Judge and Design Matters Podcast Host, Debbie Millman, said.

 “One of the most original and inventive projects that we’ve seen in this competition,” she said.

Funky Monkey Bars was chosen as a Top Ten Finalist from 42 innovative products that are making an impact on lives across Australia and around the world.

The Judging Panel, that includes respected identities in the world of design and innovation, choose the Top Ten innovations.

Head Judge, Peter Freeman, said, “These guys have done an amazing job.  I think they deserve to win – it’s spectacular. They’ve nailed it!”

Stay tuned for the Final Episode when the Winner of Australia by Design: Innovation 2021 is announced. 

You can watch Episode 4 here and be sure to make your vote for Funky Monkey Bars in the People’s Choice Awards.