Winners of The Combat Ninja!


Australian Ninja Warrior and Olivia Vivian fans, the Scurlock family from Victoria, are the very excited WINNERS of The Combat Ninja Giveaway by Funky Monkey Bars.

Mum Sally said, “The boys will get their dream set – the Funky Monkey Bars set they so desperately wanted. Now they can play hard and train hard just like Olivia!”

The Scurlock family, including 9 and 11-year-old boys, has watched every Australian Ninja Warrior season and followed Olivia’s gymnastics journey in the Australian Olympic team.


The Combat Ninja Frame by Funky Monkey Bars (left); Funky Ambassador & Ninja Warrior Queen, Olivia Vivian, on her Combat Ninja frame alongside Ninja Warrior stars Ben Polson, Fred Dorrington & Bryson Klein (right).



“My boys were over the moon when we told them they’d won Funky Monkey Bars - my eldest was in tears!

 “They have been Ninja training in the local park and saving for Funky Monkey Bars by doing jobs around the house and helping their grandparents with errands to earn extra pocket monkey,” Sally said.

 Sally herself is a big Olivia Vivian fan and has been involved in her local gymnastics community since she was 4-years-old and keenly followed the Olympic gymnasts.

Blake (aged 11) and Logan (aged 9) being told by Mum, Sally, that they have won The Combat Ninja.

The award-winning Combat Ninja frame by Funky Monkey Bars is now on its way to Traralgon in Victoria.

 We look forward to watching the Scurlock boys Ninja journey now that they have the opportunity to train in their own backyard – just like Olivia.

 Congratulations! 🐒

 View the surprise video here.